Vatara® for Property Managers

Tailor your Vatara® experience to suit the needs of your property management portfolio.

Plans and Pricing

Vatara® Essentials

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  • Up to 20 Properties

Vatara® Standard

$49.99 Per Month
  • Up to 100 Properties

Vatara® Premium

$99.99 Per Month
  • Up to 250 Properties

Vatara® Unlimited

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  • More than 250 Properties

Vatara® Essentials

FREE! Try Now
  • Up to 20 Properties

Vatara® Standard

$49.99 Per Month
  • Up to 100 Properties

Vatara® Premium

$99.99 Per Month
  • Up to 250 Properties

Vatara® Unlimited

Contact for Pricing
  • More than 250 Properties

Included features (all products):

Property Management

  • Add, update, and manage properties and property profiles
  • Upload related documents such as floor plans, design documents, inspection list, etc.

Lease Management

  • Add, update, and manage leases for your properties
  • Upload lease documents
  • Manage lease-related expenses

Owner & Tenant Management

  • Manage owner and tenant profiles
  • View owner and tenant recent transactions, balance due, and other reports

Financial Transactions & Reports

  • Manage all transactions and invoices
  • Create standard and custom reports to view income and expenses by portfolio or at the property level
  • Create and share invoices and payment requests with owners and tenants

Dashboard with Key Metrics

  • View key metrics related to income, expenses, work orders, rental payments, vacant/occupied properties, etc.

Maintenance & Work Orders

  • Manage all work orders and work requests by property and by owner
  • Create and update work orders and share the status instantly with owners and tenants


  • Responsive design

Available add-ons:

Owner and Tenant Portal $0 Introductory

  • Provide owners access to thier own portal to manage their portfolios, expenses and invoices
  • Communicate with the property manager with instant messaging feature
  • Make/receive electronic payments
  • Raise and view maintenenace work orders and get real time status updates
  • Obtain instant notifications and reminders of payment due and work order status
  • Provide tenants access to their own portal to pay rents online, manage expenses, raise work orders and communicate with PMs with instant messaging
  • Obtain instant notifications and reminders of payment due and work order status



Instant Messaging (Chat & Notifications)$4.99 per month

  • Communicate with owners and tenants on the go
  • Get reminders, alerts and instant notifications of payment due, work order status, inspections, etc.



Electronic Payment$19.99 per month

  • Tenants can pay their rent online through tenant portal
  • Property Managers can make payments to Owners online
  • Property Managers can receive online payments against invoices sent to tenants or owners
  • All online transactions are fully integrated into general ledger and online statements


plus transaction fee


Order Summary


Vatara Essentials Free
Vatara Standard $49.99
Vatara Premium $99.99


Owner and Tenant Portals $0
Instant Messaging $4.99
Electronic Payment $19.99

Total: $ per month

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Property Management Software for Property Managers

Property managers need to be always on their toes and constantly keep track of different available properties. As a property manager, you are required to communicate efficiently with your prospective and existing tenants and be able to address their issues and queries. In addition, there’s always a new problem ready to creep in as you are about to solve an existing problem.

Furthermore, property managers need to keep track of due rental payments every month. While these activities might seem to be manageable for someone working with a smaller client base, but these activities become a hassle soon enough and it amplifies to such an extent that property managers start spending more and more time in developing strategies to deal with all the parallel issues.

The key problem that you need to solve as a successful property manager is automating the operational aspects of your job and thereby save time. That is exactly what Vatara Property Management System Software does for you. It streamlines and automates all your operational activities.

Features of Vatara Property Management Platform

Online Rent Payments

Vatara Property Management System Software includes a feature to enable your tenants to make rent payments online at no additional cost. Tenants can easily setup a recurring or a one-time rent payment through a secure portal which lets they pay using online payment methods.

Trust Accounting

Vatara Property Management Platform provides the feature of trust accounting that is required by the state property boards. We also provide the services of audit-trained staff who can assist you in an event when you happen to experience a real estate audit.

Tenant Screening

Vatara Property Management System Software provides property managers with instant access to eviction history, criminal records, credit reports, and much more. And what’s even better is that Vatara Property Management System Software users can receive these reports available almost instantly through the software itself.

Mobile App for Tenants

With Vatara Property Management Platform, your tenants will be able to have access to a mobile app through which they can easily make rental payments, view their payment history, see notifications, and submit maintenance requests.

Track Income and Expenses

Vatara Property Management System Software enables you to eliminate guesswork from tenant and property accounting by providing an easy-to-use general ledger system for accounting that is complete with the necessary reports which are easy to understand by you as well as your CPA.

Market Your Vacant Properties

You can create beautiful and enticing rental listings for your vacant properties, and it can be even published to your own website and can be syndicated to rental listing sites of your choosing. Each rental listing will allow your prospective client to apply online easily and thereby connect with you or your staff directly.