Non-Judicial Foreclosure (Collections)

CLG will collect delinquent assessments from owners through the non-judicial foreclosure process pursuant to the terms set forth in the contract for corporate counsel services.


Delinquent owners often utilize the bankruptcy courts to protect themselves from their obligation to pay assessments and thereby shift their obligations to their neighbors. CLG will perform creditor bankruptcy work to recover delinquent assessments from an association’s members that are in bankruptcy.


When an association owns a unit occupied by a resident not paying rent it is necessary to vacate such resident. CLG will take the appropriate steps to evict such persons.

Post-Foreclosure Sale

When a foreclosed unit reverts to an association the association is left with collection costs and uncollected assessments. CLG will assist associations in the post- foreclosure sale of a unit in an attempt to recover such costs and assessments.

Fees, Rates, & Retainers

Please contact us for our corporate counsel services contract that will show the details of our standard rates and retainers, which includes flat fees for certain legal services. Because we understand that the needs, case complexity, and ability to pay vary from association to association, we are open to the negotiation of retainers and payment schedules. The Clarkson Law Group, P.C. will work with your Association to create a deferred payment arrangement for the payment of fees incurred in any legal matter.